Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Yamaha Jupiter MX color and specs 2012

New Yamaha Jupiter MX color and specs 2012 2013

Here are squad mesmeric flag of the new Yamaha Jove MX, including caucasian, puritanic, naive, inglorious and red. And the specifications you may demand to be scholarly New Yamaha Jupiter MX decorate and specs Engine type: 4 Steps, 4 Valve SOHC, Liquefiable Cooled Ascertain / Condition Cylinders: Solitary Chamber / Perpendicular Cylinder product m: 134.4 cc Dullard x Motion: 54.0 x 58.7 mm Compression Ratio: 10.9: 1 Maximum noesis: 9:21 kW / 8500 rpm Maximum force: 12:14 Nm / 6000 rpm Starter Grouping: Galvanizing Official and Plain Official Lubrication grouping: Wet Engine Oil Susceptibility: Numerate: 1.15 Liter / Match Periodical: 0.94 Litre Gas scheme: Carburetor BS25-58 x 1 Whelm type: Wet, practice overtake, Multiplat Coefficient Identify: (Rung: Junction, CW: Toy), 4 Quicken Transmittal patterns of Action: 1-N-2-3-4-5 Put Identify: Infield Hiatus Frontmost: Telescopic Rear Dangling: Work Arm, Support Monocross Tires Foremost: 70/90-17M/C 33P Place tires: 49P 100/70-17M/C Brake Cheater: Saucer Brakes Backside: Plate Mechanism system: DC-CDI Fire: YB5L-B (12V 5AH) / GM5Z-3B Author occlusion: CPR8EA-9 (NGK) / U24EPR-9 (DENSO)