Thursday, May 9, 2013

DUCATI ST4s User Manual

When the ignition key is turned off, the locking device preventing the engine to operate. When the ignition key is turned back, start the engine, to the following:
1.) where the CPU code, the instrument panel light will Flash a code. This means that the lock of the device to the system have been recognised as equivalent to the key in the code, and running the engine ignition. The Start button is pressed to start the engine.
2) If, in the light of the code remains, it means that the code is not recognized. When this happens, turn the ignition key OFF and then back on again. If the engine still does not start, try one of the black key. If the other key works, contact the DUCATI Service network.

The keys will fit inside electronic parts. If it was deleted, or hit, they may cause damage. If you need to use the same keys to the same keys, contact the DUCATI Service network has left the keys and

DUCATI service program new keys and re-program the keys in the original key, a total of 8. May ask you to user accounts and legal owner of the motorcycle. Be sure of the need for this purpose, the complete documents. Be wiped is not set out in the codes be assigned to these keys, Unusable, in the event that they are lost from memory.
If you sell your own motorcycle, do not forget to give all the keys and code of the card for the new owner.