Thursday, May 2, 2013

2011 Aprilia SR50 Review

2011 Aprilia SR50 scooter is a sport was launched by Aprilia and much loved by the Aprilia Racing Team, this scooter often after several experiments that combine the comfort of a bike with speed. Motor aggressive and aerodynamic efficiency are equipped with either main attraction. 2011 Aprilia SR50 scooter ownership savings of up to $ 3.099, of course, these percentages vary by country and specifications. Scooter is possible that the given predicate scooter with good technique and adapted to modern vehicles are simple and effective, these are some reasons why many people like Aprilia SR50.

2011 Aprilia SR50
2011 Aprilia SR50

Elegant and aggressive, to ensure that all eyes are on your way.

Management of the motorcycle, accuracy and security aglility total.

Double disc brakes, controlled braking bags and fantastic active safety.

Robust construction, make sure that your faithful SR mile after mile after mile.

The digital instruments, trip computer

Transponder anti-theft system and provision for locking the guard armored cable. Because you can never be too safe.

The right size, not too small nor too large. As real sports scooter should be.

The attention to detail to satisfy the most demanding.

Enviable equipment, including powerful 35 watt headlights, storage compartment in the nose seat, the apparatus of motorcycle style and plate holder and rear suspension with a spring-colored open

2011 Aprilia SR50
2011 Aprilia SR50


Engine: Liquid cooled horizontal single cylinder two stroke. Electronic direct injection of fuel.

Bore x stroke: 40 x 39.3 mm

Total displacement: 49 cc

Compression ratio: 11,5:1

Ignition: High power inductive

Starting: Electric

Generator: flywheel, 165 W - 12 V.

Transmission: continuously variable automatic

Clutch: Automatic dry centrifugal clutch

2011 Aprilia SR50
2011 Aprilia SR50

Primary drive: V-belt

Final drive: Gears from the beginning.

Setting: split cradle frame made of tubular steel single high-strength

Front suspension: hydraulic fork 90 mm wheel travel

Rear suspension: the motor unit acting as swingarm frame linkages on two radial block stands in silence, diversion of 70 mm. Rear: 190 mm disc of stainless steel, racing caliper with two opposed 30 mm pistons

Brakes: Front brake 7.5 "stainless steel disc with two 1.3 vs caliber racing" rear brake piston 7.5 "stainless steel disc with two 1.2-caliber racing front" of the piston

Wheels: Five spoke, light alloy wheels and rear: 3.50 x 13 "

Tyres Tubeless. Front and rear: 130/60 x 13 "

Dimensions: Overall length: 1860 mm Width: 705 mm Wheelbase: 1,120 mm Seat height: 32.2 "Wheelbase: 50.78"

Tank capacity: 1.85 gallons

Admission: Reed valve

2011 Aprilia SR50
2011 Aprilia SR50

2011 Aprilia SR50

2011 Aprilia SR50

 2011 Aprilia SR50

2011 Aprilia SR50

2011 Aprilia SR50

2011 Aprilia SR50