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2011 Triumph Daytona 675R Review

2011 Triumph Daytona 675R 

Yamaha YZF-R6 and Honda CBR600RR (and CBR1000RR) was virtually the same for at least four years. Suzuki and Kawasaki have recently updated their sportbikes, Ducati and even 1198 (and 1098 before it) is practically the same.

The win is also guilty of not updating its supersport machine, the Daytona 675, for a while. Introduced in 2006, five years later and the bike is basically the same. Yes, he received some minor improvements in 2009, but not enough to call it a major reorganization. Honestly, we do not complain too much. The era of constant change that keeps us on the heels trying to keep abreast of all changes. And really, the Daytona 675 is a very good bike.

But there is always room for improvement. Enter the 2011 Triumph Daytona 675R. When a page from the book Ducati when it was decided to update the base of 675 by adding the letter "R" at the end of the children of Hinckley, adding a touch of the exclusive right by turning to some top-shelf Öhlins suspension components.

Instead, 41 mm Kayaba wheel drive standard, 43 mm fork NIX30 makes its way in the R model - the same unit used by many teams in the AMA. Outside sits a new Öhlins top-of-the-line TTX36 shocks, the same device used in many of the AMA and the teams of international competition. Until now, this was the level of suspension technology, which was only starting to trickle literbikes Italian exotic.

To take a step further, Triumph has also struck up Brembo to ensure the new bike stops as well as it seems. Four pots of society monobloc calipers that are becoming the gold standard in the decision of the technology, mounted radially and biting on 308mm wafers. A Brembo radial-mount Nissin master cylinder replaces the standard unit and has a diameter of 18 mm (1 mm less than Nissin) for improved feeling stronger calipers.

2011 Triumph Daytona 675ROther than the 675R does not vary too much from the standard model. The same 675cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC 12-valve three-cylinder engine is still there, though with less EFI tweaks to improve the fuel filler. It is paired with the same six-speed gearbox, close ratio, only now the R is equipped with a factory Quickshifter (This is an option on the base model).

Other changes are purely cosmetic. Carbon fiber adorns the front wing, rear frame is powder coated red wheels to get the red pinstripes, and the car becomes a dynamic new painting, and graphic kit. We always thought the 675 series was one of the most eye pleasing middleweights, and model R that takes the eye to another level.

Street Ways

If you were paying attention to lately, youll remember that next Triumph Speed ​​Triple introduced new Daytona 675R in the hills of Idyllwild, California, as part of a two-day journey to see us spend another day at the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. We used equal amounts of time on both bikes in the street and on track.

Theres really no point in beating around the bush here: 675R is nothing short of exhausting the street unless the street canyon, the door opens. This track bike has been polished, and ergonomics will punish you for doing anything else. He was sitting on a high when the handlebars are low. Seat height is the longest side of the steering wheel to 32.7 inches, and on top there is not much padding can be found. Go straight for a long time and I curse the day you were born wrists.

2011 Triumph Daytona 675R

Thats not to say that riding on the road was useless to try, anyway. As in past years, we enjoyed the class-leading torque motor 675. Triumph claims 124 hp and 53 Nm of torque is a crank, and use that power is so perfect as ever. Fuel delivery is strong, especially when you apply the gas is the tail, and now e-shifter, which manages more than 2400 revolutions per minute, slamming through the gears is made by a simple flick of a finger of his left foot. Up to speed on the road. There is no need to touch the clutch or throttle blip. Notchy broadcasts are one of the few complaints we had with the Triumph in the past. Not anymore.

A post-oriented suspension system is more suitable for the uniformity of the track, and founded the Triumph, walks along the streets of Southern California kept terribly caused by the second challenge for the health of joints. Damping rates were stiff side, causing a pimple on a daily basis is the way to be heard at the bar. We wanted, we had time to tools to soften and fully adjustable suspension improves shock absorption. That said, the 675R is eager to bend over and just do a simple thought.

2011 Triumph Daytona 675R

Our ride on the street has never given an opportunity to really test the brakes. Our first reaction is that they are strong, but not a big step above the stock Nissin units. A proper evaluation must wait for the racetrack.

Going right to

Chuckwalla Valley Raceway proved to be the perfect place to test the 675R. The current suits tight and technical capabilities of the bike, as it is never completely upright for long.

2011 Triumph Daytona 675RAs soon as an aggressive ergos were tortured were on the right track in his element on the road. Rider is to sit in an attack position, ready to go full knee bend down for the moment.

Exhaust Pipe Sweet Symphony 675R future, when the gas is twisted is really intoxicating, and the couple has the advantage over the competition 600cc is useful for when you come out of slow corners, which is a number on this road. Electronic gear that was impressive for the way the track was even more so. It is never a gear, or inadvertently included.

A slipper clutch is not included on the 675R as a test pilot Triumph did not feel it is necessary, but it is optional. Personally, I do not feel the need either. Although there were no other 600s on hand to make a direct comparison, relatively speaking, makes the trumpet seems out of breath near the red zone. Its something we noticed before, and it is particularly noteworthy because of its Japanese counterparts to come off that.

But the real test of the 675R is the way to their Ohlins suspenders and Brembo stoppers make your work environment. Did not disappoint most of the time. We had the opportunity to try a new standard of 675-to-back with the 675R, and both are 98% identical. In general, the rate of depreciation of the basic model is softer than the Ohlins bits of the upgrade. What is surprising to say because the standard bike is quite a competent interpreter.

2011 Triumph Daytona 675RÖhlins forks NIX30 advantage over conventional is that one leg is dedicated to the compression damping while the other handles the rebound, 30 mm, each with only one cartridge per foot. On the back, TTX (Twin Tube Technology) to completely isolate the compression shock and rebound damping circuits, precise adjustment. Shim-piston designs - which appear in almost any other OEM interruptions - a joint bleeding may rebound in the circuit, which means that the changes could affect the other.

Plots the difference was small, but noticeable. Suddenly, the slightest imperfection in the track, did not notice that a motion of the model series had heard R. R is transformed with enthusiasm agility, and thanks for your tips Öhlins wheel driver sharp precision. It clear that these are already one step ahead of an impressive fleet units of the standard 675

The only complaint I had, which was shared by a number of newspapers on the intro, it was a problem from the front end chatter under hard braking. Ohlins has sent two of their master technicians to help us adjust the setup and initial preload called back two turns. All this has helped the tribe has never completely disappeared. Of course, your experience may vary depending on a variety of conditions.

2011 Triumph Daytona 675R

But this brings us to the cause of chatter in the first place: the brakes. Now, Brembo monobloc is equivalent to stopping on a dime. We were impressed by the Nissin calipers standard bike, but there is no doubt Brembo give more bite and power. Lever feel and modulation are excellent as you would expect.

The big question is, are worth it. And Id say ... I do not know. Perhaps a national caliber racer could feel the difference and use it to shave fractions of a second, but my pace is simply a non-issue. Despite this, the Triumph had been foolish not to get into a top-shelf suspension brakes complete the equally exclusive.

One track mind

To be honest, if you are thinking of buying a 675 and a plan to keep the streets or the racetrack once in a while, we could make the case just get the standard model and save $ 1,500 - still a great package . But if youre addicted to track looking for the absolute best three-cylinder middleweight, look no further than the 675R (at least until the MV Agusta F3 comes out, anyway).

If you want to clean 675R still, the Triumph accessories are factory exhaust Arrow race kit, adjustable pedals billet, anodized billet-machined parts (red or black), and the gel seat. All those who are a two-year unlimited mileage warranty.

As the new Speed ​​Triple, Daytona 675R will be in showrooms by summer. The price is $ 11.999.

2011 Triumph Daytona 675R