Friday, May 31, 2013

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Bene Adiva is one of the most interesting new ideas in personal transportation for many years - two wheels Sedan scooter offering more collision and weather protection than any other two wheeler, but all the parking, accessibility and agility advantages of a small motorcycle. European cities, where parking and road space is limited, this type of car-scooter hybrid will get the attention of employees to explore new, more convenient types of personal transportation.

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By placing a very high reliability leads a busy BMW C1 scooter is, was designed by BMW specifically designed to solve space problems in cities and includes two-wheel bug weather and crashes protection.The C1 is remarkably similar Adiva look, and comes complete with an area crumple, roll cage, and the crossover of the belt system that BMW guarantees that it will be as safe as a car head-on collision.

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Bikes like BMW C1 and Adiva is a major road in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, it has been marketed with a variety of accessories including sound system, heated seats, sunroof, and a cell phone owner. Unfortunately, the impact of conflict likely to prevent C1 received the Australian market. BMW C1 for the Australian side and fired without a helmet does not budge on his claim that it is technically a motorcycle and must be ridden with a helmet.