Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kawasaki ninja 250R

My dream this year is able to have the Kawasaki ninja 250R, but for me the green bike of this price quite expensive with 4 digits $ 3,499. may be Kawasaki ninja 250R motorcycle able to I have had on some other time, for now Im pretty with Yamaha Mio Sporty. For those of you who want to ride the Ninja but want specs that is cheaper, able to take the Ninja RR 150.
The following are the specifications of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R:

DOHC 249cc Parallel Twin-cylinder Engine
  • Compact parallel-twin design offers good mass centralization for superior handling
  • Tuned to deliver smooth, step-free power with an emphasis on low- and mid-range power for rider-friendly response
  • Pistons feature reinforced heads and strengthening in the pin boss area for increased durability
  • Thick piston (longitudinally) rings help minimize oil consumption
  • Combustion chamber design optimized to maximize combustion efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Ample high-rpm performance will please riders using the full range of the engine
Cylinder head
  • Refined intake and exhaust ports contribute to good off-idle response and smooth power delivery
  • Valve timing and lift were designed for strong low- and mid-range torque
  • Direct valve actuation ensures reliable high-rpm operability
  • Valves with thin heads and stems reduce reciprocating weight
  • Twin Keihin CVK30 carburetors fine-tuned for good power feel and low fuel consumption
Exhaust system
  • 2-into-1 system contributes to the Ninja 250RĂ¢€™s low- and mid-range torque and smooth, step-free power curve
  • Slightly upswept silencer extensively tested to determine chamber size, connecting pipe length and diameter to achieve least noise and most power
  • Meets strict emissions with dual catalyzers; one in the collector pipe and the other in the silencer
  • Using two catalyzers minimizes the power loss
  • Positioning the first catalyzer as close to the exhaust ports maximizes its

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